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Timber windows and doors

Look outside through your modern timber window.

When you think about new timber windows to your home you expect it to be the best. First of all, it is important how the look like. We have great offer of timber sash windows and timber casement windows and we’ve added to it an extended choice of high quality timber door.

Some of the reasons why you might want to choose some of our windows and doors are:

  • Installation speed – we work fast, clean and effective. Our professional fitters always respect your property and your rules. They work effective and do whatever is possible to make you feel comfortable while the work is in progress.
  • Better warmth – a timber naturally retains heat and its quality as a natural material is well known. In connection with modern science and newest technologies we use you, can start saving on energy while enjoying your new timber windows and doors.
  • Solid constructions – to add extra security. High quality timber and special looks make your windows and doors stronger and more resistant.
  • Perfect fit – as our measure tolerance for a gap is less than other suppliers so actually there is more timber than fillers in your window simply to raise standard of our service.
  • Attractive prices of our timber windows and doors.

Sash windows

Great choice if you are a fan of welcoming and warm classic look. Our wide selection of beautiful sash windows has been designed to preserve the historic charm of your home whilst overcoming typical problems, such as draughts, rattles and jams.

Casement windows

Timber casement windows combine modern design with a touch of tradition and are made from high quality wood. Perfect if you prefer a warm, welcoming, classic look in more modern style.
v Timber doors

Our timber doors include the latest advances in door technology and give you all benefits that you can expect. Solid construction, more security, natural look, water and wind resistance are only some of them.

To make a perfect choice for your home please visit our dedicated website with more information about timber windows and timber doors.

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