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Frameless skylights

Frameless skylights are the perfect way to introduce natural light into areas where conventional windows cannot be installed. Typical examples are loft conversions, lean-tos, outbuildings or dark corridors. They are as well perfect addition to rooms with conventional windows as they are making your room brighter and create more space.

You can expect from our bespoke skylights high modern performance. It’s up to you to decide whether you prefer traditional or contemporary appearance.

We can offer you various shapes like pyramid skylights, boxed skylights or flat skylights. Depending on a location and purpose you might want your skylights to be hinged, sliding or fixed.

Skylights you wish to have can be all manner of shapes and sizes all in one window of frameless glass.

Choice of high performance finishes and coatings can be applied to your bespoke skylights to increase the efficiency of the glass element and installation.

What’s most important our engineers can work closely with architects so your bespoke skylights look aesthetic and while professionally fitted will exceed your expectation.

You might have some previous experience with hustle and mess around renovation and building work and you definitely didn’t like it. Our fitters will install your new bespoke frameless skylights with maximum care and respect for your household.

Our customers’ satisfaction is our goal so we always work fast and effective. We make sure that each and every one project is treated by our team personally, like if they were doing it for the most important person in their life.

Speak to our professional advisor and tell us all you expect from your skylights. We are very flexible in terms of installation and with all necessary measurements being taken our engineer is going to estimate time of work.

You will be surprise not only with our speed and professionalism! We offer very competitive prices for high standard of services we provide.

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